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      African American 

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 ". . . to be able to speak in significant situations. . ." Tehuti


Building An African American Storytelling Village - Land in NC/VA - Funding Campaign Gearing Up!

African American Storytellers' Retreat  

May 16 - 19, 2013 

Franklinton Center, Whitakers, North Carolina



African American Storyteller's Retreat  Can you help?  Will you assist? 

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African American Storytelling Arts Institute - Mission and Purpose

About the African American Storytelling Arts Institute (AASAI)

AASAI   3213 Duke Street #629   Alexandria, VA  22314  


The African American Storytelling Arts Institute provides educational programs

and training in storytelling for both professionals and non-professionals to advance

and sustain African Oral Traditions.

AASAI began in 1991 as the brainchild of master storyteller Baba Jamal Koram, Ed.S. 

Its purpose is to establish the African Oral Tradition as a visible cultural imperative 

in educational, cultural and social settings, and to orient individuals to the process of 

becoming conscious storytellers.  

AASAI includes educational and cultural programs and workshops, performances, 

tours, lectures, publications and other media productions.

Based on over twenty years of national- and international storytelling experience in 

the African oral tradition, the AASAI workshops and resident programs provide training 

experience necessary to master the skills of storytelling.  The workshops provide an :



introduction to the art of storytelling


History of the African oral tradition of storytelling,


History of the universal tradition of storytelling 


Practical steps in selecting and telling  stories 


Opportunities for first hand guided instructions by an experienced storyteller  


The residential program, is a more extended and in-depth training program. 

 It includes an  introductory workshop, which emphasizes traditional styles,

 phrasing, language and cultural motifs which support basic African centered 

values and concepts.  AASAI is only one, of a few institutions in the USA, which 

provides exclusive training in the African/African American oral traditions 

of storytelling.


 Programs of the African American Storytelling Arts Institute


African American Storytellersí Retreat


The Afrakan Storyteller Newsletter


Sankofa Educational Leadership Camps


Drum Circles


Shumbaa Youth Decisions Training


Kijana Youth Apprenticeship


Journey to Our Heritage Tours


Several opportunities for workshops, residencies and organizational training programs


It's Time to Build the Village

Contact Information                     

 Telephone   703-684-8587


FAX                703-684-6075

Postal address  3213 Duke Street # 629  Alexandria, VA  22314

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